Experts in flexible business integration. We offer more than 15 years of experience in business and system integration. We can help your integration evolve and become truly flexible and cost efficient. more...


Benefit from our specialist know how with optimized concepts like SOA in 10 days, Enterprise Architecture for the Business, Integration review read more about our solutions
Read about our Security offers here providing GPDR and ISO 27001 implementations as well as general security consultancy.

Consultant Services

The perfect consultant is a match of skills and personality. Working with the best candidates is critical to secure our customers projects. Utilizing our own experience to screen and deliver highend consultants to both the IT and Pharmaceutical Industry.


Offering end2end development. From simple websites to enterprise application development, on-premise to cloud solutions. Pharmaceutical compliance solutions. Offering local as well as off shore project teams. Full development methodology support from waterfall to scrum. more...


BizTalk Server - Development, Operations and Support
NeuronESB - The most flexible integration engine for the microsoft platform
Windows Azure and Azure integration services. more...


Need a new expert or rising star employee ? Utilizing our professional network and unique screening process we can help you find the next unique employee. more...